• Image of Illustrative watercolours with Leith Walton

The ongoing workshops will focus on the fundamentals of Illustration, through watercolour with pen and ink. Alongside this, we will be exploring creativity expanding exercises such exploratory guided drawing and mindfulness.

Through sketching and building up an image Leith will guide the workshop attendees through their own creative process and explore tone, depth, texture, and colour while learning beginner to advanced watercolour techniques. Each session will we continue to build up skill and understanding of their own skills while focusing in depth on new fun ways to create. The sessions can be attended as a one off but it is recommended attending for the full six weeks will be the most beneficially.

You will need to bring:

A4 or A3 sketch pad

A4 pieces of watercolour paper 200-300gsm smooth min 4 pieces

Watercolour brushes. Small medium large round brushes plus any other that you have lying around like mop brushes or flat edge

Watercolours, a little travel palette or even larger palette with tubes.

Fine ink pen, waterproof 0.1- 0.3 or something similar

HB pencil, eraser pen sharpener